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Seffle Instrument has been established for 40 years. The business consists of two main approaches. Development for different clients with many years experience in various projects. Subcontracting of hole and surface mount electronics. We are located at Hantverkargatan in Säffle, Sweden, where we have modern machinery and tools.

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Seffle Instrument acquires Mitec Instrument

In May 2011 Seffle Instrument AB acquired Mitec Instrument from Opcon AB.

Mitec Instrument is an innovative engineering company, that since 1982 develops and manufactures instruments and systems for measurement, analysis and monitoring of climate, environmental, industrial and process applications.

Seffle Instrument and Mitec has for more than 20 years worked together in various forms for the manufacture, development and delivery of various projects.

The acquisition of Mitec Instrument gives several synergies, including the coordinated development and sales within the projects where Seffle Instrument and Mitec previously worked together.

The acquisition also brings valuable skills through the employees who now are employed in Seffle Instrument AB.

Seffle Instrument AB was founded in 1979 and manufactures electronic products in different market segments. The company currently has approximately 10 employees.

The acquisition makes us look forward to a positive future says Seffle Instrument's CEO and owner of Lars-Erik Nilsson.

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